25 years' expertise

RINIS pools a quarter of a century in expertise in digital government data communications. As an independent foundation with a public service mission, we play a central role at the heart of eGovernment. A brief look back and look ahead


RINIS Foundation was set up in the autumn of 1996 by a handful of competent institutions to facilitate electronic messaging services. Which meant data only needed to be recorded once before they were available to be reused. In doing so, competent institutions were stepping up the degree of ease and comfort for citizens (administrative burden reduction) whilst simultaneously improving their in-house processes.

Basic information records and standards

Authorities gradually came to realise the importance of authentic sources and standards for data usage. This prompted the introduction of basic registers, Diginetwerk and Digikoppeling. During this time span, we not only worked to facilitate data messaging between RINIS participants amongst themselves but also increasingly between RINIS participants and other organisations with a public service mission.

Rising international data exchanges

Since 2001, we have been administering the National Access Point (NAP) on the European TESTA network. The international exchange of electronic data was gaining traction, facilitated and streamlined as it was by laws and regulations. As a result, RINIS was increasingly involved in international projects.

The future

RINIS exchanges over 2 billion messages a year. This figure is continuing to snowball. We innovate and commit our expertise to modernise the exchange of data as part of eGovernment. Future services too remain in keeping with our basic tenet: the once-only entry and subsequent reuse of data, in the interest of the quality of the service delivery to citizens and businesses.