The exchange of data brings opportunities to cut costs, counteract fraud and improve the quality of your service delivery to citizens and businesses. This demands a focused strategy and realistic choices. We are on hand to help you on your way with expert advice on the strength of a quarter of a century's experience with digital government data communications.

  • Insight into the opportunities and risks of new solutions
  • Realistic cost and benefits comparisons
  • Immediately actionable advice

Our approach to consultancy

  1. We kick off our consultancy track with a 'gap analysis' between the as-is and to-be situation.
  2. Based on the outcome of this detailed dissection, we determine the impact of a proposed change, where applicable broken down into various scenarios.
  3. We then deliver a clear-cut opinion that takes on the form of realistic scenarios, which we explain as part of a presentation at which we answer all and any questions.
  4. Finally, we submit a final report that contains immediately actionable tailored advice.

You then get to simulate the solution approach selected at our Living Lab, a secure environment we have created to trial new applications.

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