eDelivery is an interface for exchanging data with European government organisations: a vital link for cross-border digital service delivery. As the National Access Point for eDelivery, in amongst other things, we help you convert the data from Digikoppeling (the Dutch standard) and other interfaces to eDelivery (the European standard).

  • Advice on applications and integration with your systems
  • Implementation of eDelivery
  • Conversion from Digikoppeling to eDelivery

Conversion from Digikoppeling to eDelivery

To enable the exchange of data between government organisations in various EU Member States, a 'four corner model' has been created. Between two exchanging government organisations (two 'corners'), there is a conversion from and to eDelivery (equally two 'corners').

Which means the government organisations concerned are not required to make any changes to their ICT infrastructure or exchange protocol. Courtesy of eDelivery, they get to use a shared 'language'. We are on hand to assist you with the conversion from Digikoppeling to eDelivery.

National Access Point eDelivery: SMP management

We administer the Dutch National Access Point for eDelivery. In amongst other things, this means we administer the Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) on behalf of the Dutch government. The SMP holds all data other parties require to exchange data with Dutch organisations, such as the digital address and the certificates required. If you are looking to exchange data within the EU, you furnish us with these data which we then process in the SMP.

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