We install and service all hardware and software for EESSI exchanges. EESSI stands for Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI). All international communications relating to social security as required under EU rules are transmitted via this system.

  • Advice on the implementation and architecture of EESSI data exchanges, etc.
  • Day-to-day administration of the EESSI Access Point (AP) and the RINA application

EESSI Access Point (AP)

EESSI Access Point (AP) is an EU-engineered application that routes the messaging data to the relevant parties. In amongst other things, we handle the installation and act as the SPOC (single point of contact):

  • Installation
  • Signing up with TESTA
  • Running updates and upgrades
  • Technical management
  • Application management
  • Functional management
  • Acting as deputy SPOC
  • Acting as the IR (institutional repository) technical SPOC
  • Network facilities


RINA stands for Reference Implementation for a National Application. The RINA is a sample application put out by the EU to develop organisation-specific applications that receive and transmit messages. We supply a string of services around the RINA, such as:

  • Configuration of a RINA-stack, sign-up of the RINA to a secure network
  • Performing upgrades and delivering an operational RINA
  • Periodic retrieval of the repository from the Access Point (AP)
  • Monitoring disk, CPU and services, regular debugging, cleaning up logfiles
  • Monitoring data interchanges via the RINA and intervening where this occurs in a non-compliant manner
  • Answering queries about messages that cannot be transmitted
  • Functional support: designing and implementing business processes to the RINA
  • Authorising access to staff according to their role and credentials
  • User support
  • Hosting

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