Interchange Netherlands

As a government organisation, you do not want to take any chances when it comes to exchanging data. Our Interchange Netherlands service sees us relieve you of all the burdens in the area of digital data communications: full-service delivery and processing of messages in a fully protected environment that is shielded from the outside world.

  • Guaranteed message exchanges over a private network
  • A single interface for various data exchanges
  • Changes in the ICT infrastructure at exchange partners do not affect your data exchanges

We administer over 150 data interchanges through which we safely deliver well over 2 billion messages to the right recipient each year.

Data exchanges between RINIS participants

In amongst other things, we attend to data exchanges between RINIS participants. A single interface is all that is required to exchange messages and data with multiple participants. For this interchange, we use the infrastructure: a secure network connection which is part of the private Diginetwerk government network.

Message exchanges with other organisations in the Netherlands

We also attend to data exchanges between RINIS participants and other organisations with a public service mission or basic information records. Here too, a single interface is all that is required. The data communications go via Diginetwerk, the Dutch government administrations’ private network. We can also arrange for a fully secured interface over the internet.

Full relief with guaranteed delivery

Interchange Netherlands is a full-service solution. We provide a service bus that supports the following components:

  • Receipt: synchronous and asynchronous, push or pull, on an ad hoc or an account basis
  • Processing: validation, conversion into a different file format, encryption/decryption, zip and unzip, operations to enable process-led working, etc.
  • Transmission: monitoring and logging routing information, message buffering
  • Guaranteed delivery

Complete transparency in the messaging data

We ensure complete transparency: we monitor and log the messaging data. Doing so enables us to trace every single message for you. In addition, we supply you with the data that allow you to establish for yourself whether all data were duly exchanged in accordance with the arrangements made. In doing so, we enable you to get a grip on your messaging data.

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