Appreciation and eye openers in alignment round with RINIS participants

The tour that saw us call round to various RINIS participants got under way late last year. We staged visits to our participants’ premises up to mid-January with a view to even further improving the way our organisation and service delivery are geared to their needs and wishes.

Appreciation and eye openers in alignment round with RINIS participants

Unburdening and continuity

One major conclusion to come out of this alignment round is the fact we are doing a good job of unburdening our clients whilst ensuring continuity of services. By the same token, there is also a great deal of appreciation for the way we are constantly innovating and developing. Two examples.

Faster implementations

To begin with: RINIS participants are particularly pleased with the continuity of our services but they need faster implementations. To step up the pace, as early as last year we already made a start on upgrading the messaging services. For new interchanges we will no longer need to develop separate environments and suffice with creating and configuring messages.

In control, courtesy of RINIS

A second example: participants demand that we demonstrably guarantee the highest security and privacy levels. ‘In part thanks to RINIS, we are in control’, is just one of the comments we picked up. There is a lot of appreciation for our ISO 27001 certification, to which we are expecting to add ISO 27701 certification (GDPR). We are pretty much a trailblazer in government circles in this respect.


In addition, the tour also yielded new insights. Interest in process-led working turned out to be much greater than we believed. And to a lot of participants, the breadth of our service delivery is an eyeopener: nowhere near everybody is aware of the international data interchanges and link-ups we support, for instance.

Business plan

Our visits were greatly appreciated. Which is why we have decided to make this alignment round an annual fixture, in complement to the user consultation meetings and the architect consultation meetings. Over the months ahead, we will be incorporating the conclusions and recommendations in our business plan for the next three years.

Rob Verweij
RINIS Director