Corona virus measures do not impact RINIS service delivery

We have put in place appropriate measures to counteract the spread of the corona virus whilst simultaneously ensuring the continuity of our service delivery:

  • Our employees have been working from home since Friday 13 March, something we have been supporting them with by way of video conferencing facilities. Employees will be invited to come into the office only in case of the utmost urgency.
  • We are in close contact with our landlord (Social Insurance Bank SVB) to put measures in place for the building, if necessary.
  • We can be contacted by telephone at all times.
  • Our service delivery has been qualified as vital and our operational systems run are housed at two data centres in different locations. These systems are remotely operated. In that respect, there are no changes.

All of which enables us to continue the exact same superlative quality participants and customers have come to expect from us – guaranteed, reliable and secure.


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