How do we keep data sharing simple?

The sharing of data was discussed at a webinar at which the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy was represented. This topic will be high on the agenda in the years to come, both in the Netherlands and in Europe.


At the webinar, one of the issues addressed was: how do we keep data sharing simple? And how about the governance aspect: how do we make sure we remain in line with European laws and regulations?

750 billion euros

Needless to say the corona pandemic came up as well. The EU is preparing an economic recovery package worth 750 billion euros to be invested in a green, digital and resilient European Union. An astronomical amount of this scale begs the question as to what we can do as a comparatively small player. The answer to this question soon became evident at the webinar.

Generic building blocks

We are making a major contribution to building a resilient EU through the fact that we are enabling safe data communications. The debate on data sharing soon hit on the importance of generic building blocks. In other words: IT building blocks that can be used for multiple purposes.

Sound familiar?

Generic building blocks allow for data to be shared in a secure, flexible and efficient manner – entirely in keeping with European laws. Sound familiar? That’s right: RINIS has specialised in the application of generic building blocks. Which is why I expect we will be increasingly focusing on data sharing over the years ahead. In the interest of resilient government, both national and international.

Piet van den Berg
RINIS Business Development Manager