RINIS goes quantum

Would we be interested in sitting down to have a chat about quantum computing? When QuTech contacted us with this very request, just for a moment, I had my doubts. Surely quantum computing was very much a theoretical concept, which brilliant minds dilated on at length in wondrous scientific papers? That said, it is also an incredibly intriguing topic. Curiosity prevailed and we ended up inviting QuTech for an introductory meeting.

RINIS goes quantum

QuTech is a research centre that deals with quantum computing, which came about as the result of a partnership between Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). The thing that prompted QuTech to approach us was the fact that we play a key role at national as well as international level in the field of secure data exchanges.

We talked to QuTech about Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), a technique that allows for uncrackable, encrypted communications to be set up between computer systems. During our talk, it became clear that QuTech is seeking to connect with what I’ll call the ‘non-quantum world’, for convenience sake. Conversely, QuTech was impressed with the security of our network. Good enough reason for a follow-up appointment at QuTech’s lab.

Since then, things have been moved onwards and upwards and we are currently working towards setting up a partnership, for which RINIS will supply know-how in the area of security and protected networks and QuTech is set to contribute know-how in the field of quantum technology. The whole idea is to arrive at an environment in which non-quantum networks are secured by quantum technology. For both parties, this is proving to be a special collaboration. As for myself, I consider it quite an honour to be allowed to contribute to the development of the future.

Hans Sinnige
solution architect