RINIS in times of corona

The measures imposed by the government to counteract the corona virus have been extended as far as 28 April. We will continue to deliver the same quality services you have come to expect from us.


The current situation is obviously throwing the usual course of business into disarray to a degree. The SVB-owned office building where we usually work, has been closed. We are now working from the comfort and safety of our homes, communicating via Whatsapp groups and video conferencing.

Forward looking

System management operations are taking place as normal. We are already looking a little further ahead to see which implementations we can tackle. Meanwhile, the developments in our test environments are continuing as normal, as long as the risks remain manageable.

Contact with crisis organisation

We are taking small forward steps to ensure the continuity of our service delivery does not run up against any uncontrollable risks. We are in close contact with the national crisis organisation of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. We have disclosed the measures we have put in place to the crisis organisation. Take heart and keep your spirits up in these trying times. We will keep you informed of developments over at our end.