RINIS links pension funds and UWV

Pension funds and UWV exchange data on incapacity for work and pension benefits. For the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency), these exchanges are increasingly more frequently conducted via the new application-to-application facility (A2A), which was commissioned last year. RINIS assists pension funds to connect to this facility. 'We still have exchanges that do not run automatically and for which we need RINIS .'

Automated receipt and processing

To date, bulk data transmissions between pension funds and the UWV have largely been operated via the Mijn Gegevensdiensten internet portal. This requires human interventions, explains Dave van Raamsdonk who is an Implementation specialist at the UWV and is closely involved with the A2A project:

‘RINIS came up with the idea of a multi socket which pension funds can plug into'

'There is a distinct need to be able to receive and process data in automated fashion. A2A enables us to exchange large data files with greater efficiency and fewer errors. In addition, A2A uses the protected Diginetwerk.'

RINIS lent its conceptual input

When UWV brought A2A into operation, some of the stakeholders such as the Tax and Customs Administration and the CBS (Statistics Netherlands) were keen to exchange data with A2A via RINIS. Van Raamsdonk: 'Even then, plans were afoot to set up an A2A interface for parties that are not linked to Diginetwerk, such as pension funds. RINIS lent us its conceptual input in this respect. We subsequently geared up this interface working shoulder to shoulder with RINIS.'

Massive jigsaw

To the UVW, exchanging data with the pension industry constitutes ‘a unique challenge', Van Raamsdonk goes on to explain. ‘Very different from the government institutions with whom we exchange data more than anything else. We faced quite a massive jigsaw to sort things out. RINIS came up with idea of a multi socket which pension funds can plug into in order to communicate with our A2A facility.'

'Exchanging data with A2A hugely saves on human intervention, for ourselves and for the pension funds'

Which is exactly what he expects from RINIS, Van Raamsdonk adds. 'We are seeing a proliferation in the number of generic solutions that are now available for data communications. But that does not detract from the fact that we still have data exchanges that do not run by themselves because they are new or divergent. As a government organisation, we need RINIS’s assistance with these exchanges.'

Substantial time gains

Van Raamsdonk expects this solution to especially stand the larger pension funds in good stead. 'Some administrators look after several pension funds. In those cases in particular, exchanging data with A2A yields substantial time gains, for ourselves and for the pension funds.'

Moreover, signing up new pension funds is comparatively straightforward, he explains. 'We are first of all running a PoC with the PH&C, the Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering (Hospitality & Catering Pension Fund), in which the Pensioenfederatie (Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds) is also involved. After we have set up the interface with the PH&C, each new pension fund interface is swiftly configured from a technical perspective. All that is left for us to do then is for some minor adjustments to be made and for arrangements to be put in place. RINIS takes care of all the rest.'

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