RINIS starts its work as coordinator of the Digital Europe Hub

RINIS is the coordinator of the new KDE (Digital Europe Hub), which is a central coordination centre designed to make it easier for the Netherlands to follow and plug into digital trends within the EU.  The first discussions with potential partners have already been held.

Last year, the BZK (the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) mandated us to work with ICTU to find out how the Dutch authorities respond to European digital trends. Our research revealed that there are ways in which governmental and implementing organisations can improve collaboration and make better use of European subsidy programmes.

The KDE Hub's three focus areas

This research also revealed that both governmental and implementing organisations need a lot of assistance with European digitisation issues. The KDE Hub will provide this support in three ways:

  • pooling and providing information about EU policy, so that Dutch governmental and implementing organisations are quickly informed about EU policy
  • assisting with subsidy applications, so that governmental and implementing organisations can make better use of European subsidy options
  • setting up expertise platforms, where governmental and implementing organisations can share EU digitisation knowledge and experiences with each other

The KDE Hub focuses on digitisation issues within the EU that relate to the Dutch government's policy on digitisation, including on digital identity cards and e-wallets.

RINIS acts as coordinator

The KDE Hub will primarily take the form of a network. RINIS has been mandated by the Dutch BZK Ministry to take on the role of coordinator.  This means that we will carry out all the activities needed for the Hub to 'go live' later this year.

Our work here currently includes talking to various parties within the Netherlands who are involved with European digitisation issues. We are cataloguing the existing collaborations and are sounding out those parties who may be willing to participate either as a Hub member or in another role.

Want to be part of the conversation? Like to know more about the KDE Hub? Then get in touch with Piet van den Berg at pvdberg@rinis.nl or at +31-(0)6 -14215241.