uNLock is working on a safe ‘bubble’ for events

Concert venues, theatres, exhibition halls and conference centres: we have grown accustomed to seeing them left unused. Although this may be about to change. And we may not even need to wait until the corona vaccines have been fully rolled out.

Stichting uNLock (uNLock foundation) has devised an app which enables users to serve digital proof they recently tested negative. Visitors to any given event use the app to retrieve the result of a recent corona test. A result which they then share with the organisation. This allows the organisers to rest safe in the knowledge that the people they are admitting to their event make up a safe ‘bubble’ of visitors who tested negative.

Just last week, uNLock successfully completed a pilot project. This is to be followed by a number of follow-up pilots in January, which are being conducted in association with the events industry. Find out more about uNLock’s pilot project (in Dutch).

RINIS is a member of the Stichting uNLock (uNLock Foundation), a not-for-profit consortium made up of Rabobank, TNO, Ledger Leopard and Leiden University to name just a few. uNLock is committed to unlocking Dutch society again in a controlled manner. Without seeking financial gain and with citizens’ privacy coming first at all times.