Participant or customer?

RINIS is an independent foundation with a public service mission. Which means that, as an organisation with a public service mission yourself, you are free to call on our services in one of two capacities: either as a participant or as a customer. What is the difference?

Your organisation is a participant

  • Involvement with administration and supervision
  • Set annual contribution
  • No tendering procedure required

As a RINIS participant, your organisation steps up to serve as part of the governance of RINIS. Your organisation is a member of our Administrative Consultation Committee and acts as an (executive) supervisor.

Alongside the fee for the services purchased, as a participant you also pay a set annual contribution towards the overheads of our organisation.

Given your direct involvement with RINIS as a participant, our services are legally qualified as insourcing. Which means no tendering procedures are required and we are able to swiftly shift services up a gear or terminate them.

Your organisation is a customer

  • No direct involvement with the RINIS organisation
  • In order to perform your public service mission, your purchase separate services
  • RINIS is a supplier, who you call on by way of a call for tenders (or otherwise)

As a customer, you get to call on the same RINIS services as a participant, with the exact same high quality. The difference is you are not directly involved with our organisation.

You purchase separate services. The specifications and the fees are laid down in an agreement.

To you, we are a supplier. You decide yourself how you purchase our services and whether or not you wish to go by a competitive tendering procedure to this end.

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