Project management

We have a quarter of a century's worth of experience under our belt with the development, implementation and administration of data exchange solutions. So we are happy to put our expertise to good use to support your organisation with its national and international data exchanges. We advise, guide or relieve you from the project management from start to finish.

  • Project management throughout all stages of your project
  • Our project manager is your dedicated SPOC (single point of contact)
  • Different project methods for different situations

Below is a sample of the kind of projects we are available to handle for you

  • Engineering new technology in the shape of sandboxes, POCs and pilots
  • Setting up access points
  • Building new data exchange flows or making adjustments thereto, within the Netherlands or internationally
  • Setting up new interfaces, adjusting existing interfaces
  • Making adjustments to the infrastructure and migrations
  • Supporting user tests, across a given chain or otherwise
  • (Full or partial) implementation of external international projects, including CEF calls (Connecting Europe Facility)
  • Designing the structure and organisation of the operational administration

We provide assistance and guidance for the project from start to finish

Depending on your needs, we are available to take on the implementation or guidance of all project stages: from analysis and design all the way up to implementation and follow-up care. Our project manager is your dedicated single point of contact (SPOC) throughout the entire duration of the project.

We select the approach best suited to your project

When deploying innovative technology, we often go for the Agile project approach. Are we looking at a standard data exchange whereby we have a clear picture of the desired end result? In that case, a more traditional approach is often found to be the most rewarding. Our project managers have a perfect command of various project methods suited to different situations.

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