RINIS advises


We have a quarter of a century's worth of experience under our belt when it comes to digital government data communications. So we are happy to put our expertise to good use in lending our conceptual input, and in implementing concrete solutions. We do so with a due understanding of complexity and an eye for simplicity.

Examples of consultancy projects

As an independent knowledge centre at the heart of eGovernment, we advise on:

  • The design of a new data exchange process with one of your chain partners
  • The applicable standards and the most appropriate building blocks for your messaging data
  • The switch from exchange of data to access to 'data at source'
  • The impact of new rules and regulations on your current data exchanges (at national or international level)
  • The opportunities offered by new technologies to cut costs, counteract fraud and improve your service delivery to citizens and businesses
  • A growth path for the exchange of data that is on a par with your ambitions

National and international

We advise you on the design of your messaging data with partner organisations at home and abroad. For instance, we identify which standards apply and which building blocks best match your requirements in terms of speed and protection. Doing so leaves you without a care in terms of having to look after the technology, allowing you to fully focus on the substance.

Project management and support

In addition, we guide and assist government organisations with setting up concrete projects. This could be anything, from a Proof of Concept all the way up to a fully fledged roll-out. Our specialists put their expert know-how into effect in order to arrive at practical applications, combining their understanding of complex ICT issues whilst remaining fully alive to the need to deliver straightforward solutions.

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