RINIS innovates


We pioneered the first data interchanges in the public domain. And we are still leading the way. Rules and regulations, technologies and data usage are constantly changing - at national and international level. In tandem with our partners, we develop and test tomorrow's solutions.

We are unrelentingly investing in the continued development of our services

We are currently working on a new design for our 'service bus' for message processing. This will enable us to dispense with the need to build a separate environment for new data exchanges in times to come. Instead, we are set to configure messages by way of all desired services. This will further ramp up reliability and greatly accelerate implementations.

Living Lab: a secure test environment

We are preparing to see an intensification in international message exchanges. Our Living Lab makes for a safe environment to extensively test new applications in this area.

We provide our considered input on international standards and building blocks

International exchange of data is quickening. On the strength of our expertise, we are involved with various projects, such as the roll-out of the ISA² programme for digital cooperation within Europe. In addition, we have been invited to provide conceptual input on the design and the establishment of the Single Digital Gateway, the future digital gateway for digital services to European citizens and businesses.

RINIS as a Service

We are exploring the possibility of delivering interface services in the cloud: RINIS as a Service. You get to design and run the functional administration of the service yourself. We make sure the platform is available at all times, whilst fully meeting the capacity required.

API services: data at source

We are focusing on the opportunities API services bring. API services enable citizens and businesses to give government organisations access to their data in data sources. In particular, we are focusing on the identification, authentication and authorisation: how do we make sure the data are used solely for the specific purpose for which permission was granted?

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