RINIS relieves


Our secure full-service solutions enable us to relieve public sector organisations such as government ministries and competent institutions. To enable government organisations of every level and every sector of governance to come out showing a united front. We operate in the Netherlands and increasingly at international level.

  • Your data interchanges are certain to comply with all applicable standards
  • A single enrolment is all it takes to start exchanging data with all other member parties
  • BIO-compliant, ISO 27001-certified and GDPR-proof


Continuity is ensured on our secure RINIS network, which is available 24/7. Once your messaging data system is connected to our network, it runs itself, leaving you without a care. We make sure your data interchanges continue to comply with all applicable standards. Moreover, they are impervious to changes brought to the ICT infrastructure of other member parties.


Each year, we exchange over 2 billion messages. We do so by running a full-service data exchange solution, which covers receipt, processing, transmission and guaranteed delivery.

Our solution is a low threshold proposition that is swiftly rolled out at a comparatively low cost. A single enrolment is all it takes to start exchanging data with all other member parties.


We make sure you are in full control of all risks surrounding your messaging data:

  • Using VPN tunnels, we provide an extra secure link with our RINIS network.
  • Each data interchange is BIO-compliant (Baseline Informatiebeveiliging Overheid) which is a Government Information Protection baseline standard. Which means you get to safely exchange data with parties at every level of government (municipalities, water management boards, provincial authorities and national government).
  • Our services are ISO 27001-certified and entirely GDPR-proof: your messaging data complies with all requirements in the areas of information security and privacy legislation.

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