Interchange Netherlands

As a government organisation, you do not want to take any chances when it comes to exchanging data. Our Interchange Netherlands service sees us relieve you of all the burdens in the area of digital data communications: full-service delivery and processing of messages in a fully protected environment that is shielded from the outside world.

International Interchange

Government organisations in the Netherlands are increasingly exchanging data with other countries. Our International Interchange is a full-service message delivery solution, in a fully protected and shielded environment.

Project management

We have a quarter of a century's worth of experience under our belt with the development, implementation and administration of data exchange solutions. So we are happy to put our expertise to good use to support your organisation with its national and international data exchanges. We advise, guide or relieve you from the project management from start to finish.



The exchange of data brings opportunities to cut costs, counteract fraud and improve the quality of your service delivery to citizens and businesses. This demands a focused strategy and realistic choices. We are on hand to help you on your way with expert advice on the strength of a quarter of a century's experience with digital government data communications.


Signing up for basic information record

To enable once-only data entry by citizens and businesses, the government organisations use basic information records. We enable your organisation to exchange messages with the entire system of basic information record registries. To do so, all that that is required is just a single link-up.


Signing up with MyGovernment (MijnOverheid)

MyGovernment offers citizens online access to their Message Box (Berichtenbox), Pending situations (Lopende zaken) and personal data. We relieve your organisation of the burden of signing up with MyGovernment.


Signing up with Digi-voorzieningen

We put in place an link-up with all Digi-voorzieningen, such as MyGovernment, Digipoort, Digilevering and Digimelding. All of which remains unaffected by any future changes to the standards of Digikoppeling for instance. Leaving you with full peace of mind.

Signing up with TESTA

To exchange data with other EU countries, your organisation needs to be signed up with TESTA, the EU’s secure, physical communication network. As the administrator of TESTA’s National Access Point (NAP), we handle your sign-up.


We install and service all hardware and software for EESSI exchanges. EESSI stands for Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI). All international communications relating to social security as required under EU rules are transmitted via this system.


eDelivery is an interface for exchanging data with European government organisations: a vital link for cross-border digital service delivery. As the National Access Point for eDelivery, in amongst other things, we help you convert the data from Digikoppeling (the Dutch standard) and other interfaces to eDelivery (the European standard).