Signing up with Digi-voorzieningen

We put in place an link-up with all Digi-voorzieningen, such as MyGovernment, Digipoort, Digilevering and Digimelding. All of which remains unaffected by any future changes to the standards of Digikoppeling for instance. Leaving you with full peace of mind.

  • One sign-up for messaging data with all Digi-voorzieningen
  • We attend to the transport of messages from and to the Digipoort
  • Sign-up is made to occur via Digikoppeling and across Diginetwerk


Digipoort is the government’s 'electronic post office' for businesses. We take care of signing up your organisation, enabling you to safely exchange data in a standardised format with private companies in all walks of trade and industry. Digipoort handles the receipt, verification and confirmation of messages.


Via Digilevering you are immediately notified of changes made to basic information records after events such as a business relocating to a different address. Digilevering is an account-based facility: you are invited to specify of which changes to which basic information records you will be notified.


Information contained in basic information records needs to be reliable and up to date. Which is why, as a customer, you are required by law to report any potentially inaccurate data encountered. Digimelding allows you to efficiently and uniformly report these data to the record holder.

Signing up with Digikoppeling

Digikoppeling is the standard interface for electronic messaging services between government organisations. We sign up your organisation with Digikoppeling and configure the exchange of data with the respective digital facility for you. From that time forward, we deliver the messages in the protocol of your choice. This remains unaffected by any future changes in the Digikoppeling standard. Leaving you with full peace of mind.

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