Signing up with MyGovernment (MijnOverheid)

MyGovernment offers citizens online access to their Message Box (Berichtenbox), Pending situations (Lopende zaken) and personal data. We relieve your organisation of the burden of signing up with MyGovernment.

  • A single sign-up for all messaging data
  • Sign-up is made to occur via Digikoppeling and across Diginetwerk
  • We put in place the interface and convert messages into the desired format

One sign-up for all messaging data with MyGovernment

One sign-up is all that is required for you to handle all your messaging communications with citizens through the various components of MyGovernment:

  • Message Box: your secure personal mailbox for receiving and storing messages from government organisations.
  • Pending situations: an overview of situations you have pending with the government organisations, such as the status of a licence or grant application.
  • Personal data: an overview of all data that have been recorded (relating to and/or by you) in the area of finance, housing and education.

Signing up with Digikoppeling

Digikoppeling is the standard interface for electronic messaging services between government organisations. We sign up your organisation with Digikoppeling and configure the exchange of data with MyGovernment. From that time forward, we deliver the messages in the protocol of your choice. This remains unaffected by any future changes in the Digikoppeling standard. Leaving you with full peace of mind.

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